MORRISBURG – Changes to the Morrisburg Farmers’ Market bylaw are being considered in the hopes of revitalizing the struggling community organization.

Trina Grant, owner of HuckleHounds Home Goodies and fourth year vendor at the market, presented council with some of the challenges and possible changes on behalf of the farmers market Tues., April 2.

Signage, advertising, social media presence, inclusion in municipal promotional materials, number of vendors and access to public washroom were some of the areas identified by Grant that needed to be addressed

Deputy-Mayor Kirsten Gardner suggested waiving the permit fee for first-time vendors and asked what other hurdles could be eliminated.

Grant suggested expanding the area of origin for vendors to all of SD&G rather than limiting it to South Dundas, an idea that Councillor Lloyd Wells wholeheartedly supported.

“If people were allowed to bring more stuff from outside of South Dundas it would draw a lot of vendors,” he said.

The rest of council was in agreement and Mayor Steven Byvelds noted that it has given the market in Long Sault a real shot in the arm.

“The market in Long Sault in much more open from what I’ve seen of it,” he said. “It is full and it is busy, and if we get halfway there we would be accomplishing something.”

Grant was commended by council for sticking with it and Byvelds was encouraged “that there was a desire for something to happen there.”